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Oriah’s Schedule

Oriah is not currently travelling, teaching or facilitating workshops. She is focused on her writing at the moment, working on a novel about a group of lucid dreamers seeking to assist in global change and a book of non-fiction stories about deepening our inner lives.

Oriah posts a weekly blog, "The Green Bough", on Wednesdays at oriahsinvitation.blogspot.com If you would like to receive future updates about publications or events please send your email address to mail@oriah.org.

  • "A remarkable book. . . . A fierce and tender presence, The Invitation’s wisdom could become a lifelong companion, engaging and awakening the original and unique rhythm of your mind and soul."John O’Donohue, author of Anam Cara

  • "The Call. . . . is a gift to us from a wise, funny, and honest teacher who knows the territory of the human heart and soul like few others." Joan Borysenko, co-author of Your Soul’s Compass

  • "To read The Dance is to invite all of the far flung part of yourself. . . . back onto the dance floor for a slow, sweet waltz. At the end of the dance, you have whirled yourself back into one whole person." Elizabeth Lesser, author of Broken Open

  • A spiritual exploration and practical guide to unleashing your creativity.

The story of how Oriah's poem travelled the world and, unbeknownst to her, touched people's lives.

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Oriah sends a newsletter by email three or four times a year. If you would like to receive the newsletter please send your email address to mail@oriah.org